Our Journey Begins

After packing our bags and basically saying goodbye to the life we had in the US, we headed out to the airport at 5am on Wednesday, May 25, 2011.  First destination:  Brussels.    Since my son is barely 10 months old, my husband and I decided that spending 2 days in Brussels would be the best solution to avoid over stressing our baby and somehow getting rid of the inevitable jetlag.

Brussels was nice.  Like any other European city, it is rich in historical places and beautiful architecture.  The only thing I didn’t like about the city is the fact that almost 60% of the population smokes.  We had a hard time finding places that don’t allow smoking.  The air was reeking with cigarette smoke.    But here are a couple of things that I find different:

1.  The baby changing station at the airport was a separate room.  It had a sink huge enough to wash the baby’s bottom.  I like this style.  I wish they had this in the States.

2.  When you say “thank you,” they say “please,” instead of “welcome.”

3.  There was a french bidet right beside the toilet bowl.  I’ve never seen one before, I thought they  separated “number 1 and number 2.”  If you know what I mean.


One thought on “Our Journey Begins

  1. no, I actually don’t know what you mean by 1 and 2. heheh… please document the new experiences before everything becomes so commonplace na. I wished I kept on it when I first arrived in Canada. keep blogging!


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