It seems like forever since I wrote my last post. Too many things have happened that I couldn’t seem to put them in order.

Anyhow, we’ve had several visits this summer and early fall. First off, my husband’s cousin and her son from Moravia to spend a weekend with us.  We brought them to Prague and Kutna Hora, since it has been awhile since they visited these  beautiful cities.

Here’s a picture of us in front of one of the most beautiful churches here in the Czech Republic, the St. Barbora Church in Kutna Hora.


The weather was not in our favor during their visit but we were still able to snap some beautiful pictures of Prague.  It is breathtaking in any weather.


My friend Melba and her daughter also spent some time with us.  It was nice for the babies to see each other again.  This time, we contacted some alumni from the university where we had our bachelors and had a mini reunion in a cafe in Prague.


A couple of weeks ago, My friend Mymy also came for a visit with her son.  She lives in Prague and it was her first long out of town drive since she got her license a year ago.  She also has a toddler who is close to Michaela’s age, so it was nice sharing motherhood experiences with her.


Lastly, my son has started going to a state primary school and my daughter is turning one pretty soon.  How time flies.

Photo credit:  Jan Strnad (
Photo credit: Jan Strnad (

It seems like only yesterday since we made the significant decision to move here in CZ.  Since then, every year is marked with significant milestones.

8 thoughts on “Lately

  1. Dear Grace,

    I love the photo of Prague, with its dramatic skies. And I am so glad that you have friends to visit and to share your life and your country with. It means a lot to have another young mom to talk to. Best of all I loved seeing your family portrait. The kids are beautiful, and have grown so big! It is sometimes scary how quickly it flies by. Best wishes to your whole family.


  2. What a lovely blog! I lived for a year in Prague fell in love with the city. But then I fell in love with a German man and, therefore, moved to Germany, where I still live today. But even so, Prague is still my favorite place in the world! Love that picture of the dramatic sky over the Castle. All the best!


    1. Hi Dana! Thank you for visiting my blog. I understand why you moved to Germany. That’s what love does to us. I’m glad you enjoyed your time in Prague.


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